Woke up this morning and felt happy, properly felt it. Went out for a walk and I felt like dancing down the street… It felt amazing, first time I can recall feeling like that. Just wanted to say thank you for helping me.

“Deciding to contact Ismene has been one of the most pivotal decisions that I have made in the last few years, and one that I am extremely grateful for. The fact she has helped me not only cope during a time of simultaneous career change, family upheaval, relationship issues and my awakening; but also helped me achieve things that go way beyond this, is testament to her genuine passion for psychotherapy and personal development.Ismene has provided me with a psychological tool kit not only for self healing and developing healthy relationships, but one that also helped me reverse detrimental core beliefs that I had ingrained from early childhood.All of this combined with a warm, caring, empathetic approach is helping me to excel and push myself further than I ever have before. “ Ed.


Ismene has been a wonderful influence on my life. With her help I have been able to find the source of issues that have held me back for many years and I now see challenges and opportunities in place of obstacles that had always seemed impossible to overcome. I have always felt as though Ismene has a genuine desire to ensure that I am the best I can possibly be and I am very grateful to her for her dedication.”


When I first came to you, I felt like I was at rock bottom. I didn’t know where to turn, what to do, or who to talk to. You have made me feel a lot better about myself Ismene.”


“Ismene is kind and compassionate and listened to my issues in a non judgemental way. I would strongly reccomend Ismene as a counsellor however difficult your issues are to talk about.”

Pete  Bristol


Ismene Cole has been counselling me for around 3 years. It takes as long as it takes to unpick and resolve issues that are holding you back in moving forward with your life. Ismene is a beautiful person inside and out. I know I was a bit of a tough nut to crack after years of building a self-defence castle with a moat. Concreted by my life’s experiences, Ismene challenged, cajoled and enticed my negative beliefs and helped me to nurture the positive ones. She has been the pivotal person in my life to assist me with my journey of recovery and healing. I will miss her immensely when I move on.”


I gained sobriety, stability and hope for the future.”

Therapy has been a totally life changing experience and at times has been very difficult, but the rewards of inner peace and self awareness, enlightenment and understanding are amazing and have given me the strength and confidence to face life again with hope and optimism. Ismene’s total dedication and support over the last 2 years has been outstanding and the genuine empathy, patience, kindness and concern for others is extremely nurturing and inspiring. A fantastic service and a wonderful person.”


“I spent a few months working with Ismene she is an excellent counsellor , I learnt alot about myself and about the world I grew up in. The way ismene works has  helped me  understand where things have been difficult for me in the past.Ismene uses excellent facilities to facilitate her counselling session, and she makes you feel welcome offering a hot drink at the start of the session. I highly recommend Ismene, as she is a valued member of her profession.”


Counselling has helped me to stay grounded during times of great emotional distress and anxiety and the opportunity to explore more helpful coping strategies. I have been supported in my personal journey to regain my own sense of self and identity which has been very empowering. Through counselling I have had the opportunity to share and build trust in a safe and respectful environment. Counselling has helped me to develop an awareness of my own emotions and behaviours and the chance to be free in living a healthier, happier and independent life.”